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In 2008, my specialization was in manufacturing staffing. However, when the market shifted, creating an economic climate that favored offshoring manufacturing facilities for financial benefits, I had no choice but to explore a different industry to continue advancing in the staffing and recruiting field.

I stumbled upon a job posting for a position in commercial construction staffing and decided to take a leap into the unknown. I’ve always been drawn to learning something new, and this seemed like a great opportunity for personal growth. I joined as a business development representative and began nurturing relationships with mechanical contractors in need of skilled tradesmen. My first project involved renovating a middle school in Raleigh. Initially, my responsibilities were focused on business development, while someone else handled the recruiting aspect.

On the first day of the project, I received an angry call from the superintendent, claiming that I had ruined his job by sending inexperienced “helpers” to the site. I could hear the stress in his voice, so I immediately promised to assess the situation in person. Upon arriving at the site, it was evident that the workforce was not up to par. In that moment, I had to think fast, de-escalate the situation, and rebuild my client’s trust. I assured him that I would rectify the situation within 24 hours.

I replaced the initial crew and spent hours researching welders, Pipefitters, and sheet metal mechanics on YouTube until I felt confident in understanding their skill sets. I transitioned into a recruiter role and began the process of recruiting a new team of 50 skilled tradesmen. Eventually, I managed to regain the client’s trust, successfully complete the project, and discover my true passion – helping others through problem-solving in the realm of talent recruitment. I fell in love with addressing clients’ problems by connecting them with the right talent.

After spending several years as a dual desk Sales Representative-Recruiter, I founded HIRE Strategies. It was during this period that I uncovered my second passion: addressing the serious pay inequality issue within the Hispanic demographic. I noticed that wages were unacceptably low for the type of work being performed. With HIRE Strategies, I had the power and ability to immediately rectify this wage inequality, paying above market rates across all demographics. This decision proved pivotal in the company’s early success. By offering competitive wages, we attracted top talent, which, in turn,drew clients and referrals.

As I witnessed the positive change, pay equity, and opportunities we were creating, my second passion became advocating for the voiceless and making an impact. This mission became central to HIRE Strategies’ identity. Over the years, as HIRE Strategies evolved, so did our opportunities to make a more significant impact. By diversifying our industries and areas of expertise, we could extend our reach to other underrepresented groups.

Today, we leverage our platform and resources to provide women and minorities with access to leadership opportunities, promote equality within the LBQT++ community, and create pathways for individuals with neurodiversity. At HIRE Strategies, we’ve fostered a diverse and inclusive team culture and now actively seek opportunities to assist other companies in transforming their workplaces into psychologically safe environments for their teams.