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Glass Ceiling Eradicator Diversity and Inclusion Guru Individual Potential Whisperer Entrepreneurship Expert

A thriving female and minority entrepreneur in a male dominated space, Sonya Hopson has achieved success while focusing on the principles of integrity and the greater good, as opposed to profit above all else.

Sonya believes it is our responsibility to prioritize diversity and inclusion, not just pay it lip service. Connecting people to careers that align with their potential and abilities is her passion. She truly believes that in this way she can serve as a catalyst for positive change in the community.

Sonya helps her clients create diversified organizations with effective cultures that deliver results.

The current workforce is more varied than ever before. The pace of change has left many organizations struggling to attract and retain great people. And it all begins with people.

Healthy organizations that accomplish their company’s mission begin with creating multicultural teams with various backgrounds and perspectives. Sonya’s expertise and experience is helping companies determine their current personnel’s gaps, strengths, and voids and then coaching them through making the most of their team’s current abilities and identifying ideal future candidates.

I am in a Leadership role which affords me the opportunity to directly impact the lives of others for the better and I do not take that lightly. It makes me strive to be a better and more effective leader to make an even greater impact.

Sonya HopsonFounder and CEO of HIRE Strategies


Sonya has found purpose through sharing her unique story and experiences. Whether virutally, in an intimate gathering or a large keynote setting, she is able to meaningfully connect with her audience. Some of Sonya’s thought-provoking and inspirational speaking topics include:

  • Disrupting Traditional Hiring Norms
  • Diversity in Leadership – Why Representation Matters
  • Finding Passion & Purpose
  • Taking a pause – My Sabbatical Experience
  • How I Got Into Construction
  • Becoming an Accidental Entrepreneur
  • Unlikely Allies – Breaking Barriers
  • Imposter Syndrome – Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
  • Leading with Compassion + Empathy
  • Building a Dynamic Team Culture of Inclusivity

News & Media


Sonya Hopson Named One of the Top 100 Women to Know in NC

WOMEN TO KNOW IN NORTH CAROLINA is an annual publication produced by KNOW Women, LLC. The women selected for feature have been nominated and vetted not only for achieving high levels of professional success, but also for serving as inspiring leaders and mentors. Founded in 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona –…

CEO Sonya Hopson Featured in Forbes!

HIRE Strategies is honored to announce our CEO and visionary, Sonya Hopson, has been featured in Forbes. In the article, Sonya shares the importance of prioritizing diversity and inclusion within the workforce. Sonya's 20+ years of expertise have allowed her to observe the triumphs and challenges of a lack of…

The Promise of:

“If you’re going to bet on anyone, bet on yourself.” That’s Sonya Hopson’s advice to entrepreneurs and business owners on the rise. And her gamble has paid off: In six years she grew revenue at Hire Strategies to $9.5 million, with 10 permanent staff and some 90 temporary employees on assignment in contracts…

Sonya is available for speaking engagements
and entrepreneurship and team consulting.

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