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Hire Intentionally.
Retain Exceptionally.

For Employers

Transform your hiring from putting bodies in chairs to building strong, lasting teams.

For Job Seekers

Go from a job based only on your experience to one that aligns with your whole person.

HIRE Strategies supports diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Some recruiting companies just see resumés. We see potential.

At HIRE Strategies, our recruiting program focuses on looking at the whole person rather than just their past work experience.

Through this unique, people-centric process, we’ve placed thousands of job seekers of all types in meaningful, fulfilling careers while helping hundreds of companies build more resilient, reliable workforces.

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We’re disrupting long held hiring practices in the interest of building a stronger, more resilient workforce.

From the day our founder, Sonya Hopson, walked on to her first construction jobsite in a suit, heels and pink hard hat, HIRE Strategies has been thinking differently about work.

We’re constantly seeking ways to improve technology, efficiency, and resources to enhance our service offerings.

HIRE Strategies has enrolled in an app for all candidates called Avionte 24/7. Candidates are automatically notified of any positions that match their skills and expertise.

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We’re committed to partnering with companies that want to make an impact.

Take our Fit Test to see if our objectives align.

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HIRE Strategies consulting services

We are utilizing our expertise to help your organization evolve and thrive.

In a workforce climate that is ever-changing and evolving, HIRE Strategies relies on over 30 years of experience to provide clients with innovative, custom solutions in the areas of team development, Diversity Equity and Inclusion and HR consulting.

We see recruiting differently.

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