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HIRE Strategies offers a unique approach to finding the right talent for your company’s temporary hiring needs.

Our focus on the whole person means that we take into account not just a candidate’s qualifications, but also their personality, work style, and values. This approach has helped us build a strong roster of prequalified talent that is ready to step in and support your business.

One of our key offerings is our temp-to-hire program, which allows you to bring on employees for a trial period of 3 to 6 months before committing to a permanent hire.

We work with a variety of industries and roles, including receptionists, administrative professionals, commercial construction, warehousing, and industrial and manufacturing positions. Our 360 Degree Toolbox is a highly effective tool that we use for attracting and screening talent. This includes a range of assessments designed to identify candidates’ inherent skills and ensure that they are placed in roles that are the best fit for them and your company. Additionally, we offer Workers Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and payroll services to provide you with a comprehensive solution for all of your staffing needs.

Why Utilize Temp to Hire?

Faster hiring process

Ability to assess performance before committing to a permanent hire

Ensure culture fit


Ability to fill labor force gaps when needed

Saves time and money for your company

Background Checking

10 Panel Drug Screen

Skill Assessments (if desired)

Reference Checks & Vetting

Workers Compensation Insurance

Unemployment Insurance

Payroll Services

Professional Development

Working Genius Consulting

Predictive Index Consulting

HR Consulting

Unemployment for Candidate (if needed)

Don’t just find talent.

Find people who will make a difference in your organization.

Who can we help you find?