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With over 10 years of staffing experience in commercial construction, we’re confident that we can not only meet the expectations of your project but exceed them.

Our years of experience staffing for commercial construction ensures that when one of our clients bid on their next project they do so with the knowledge that they can depend on HIRE Strategies to provide them with candidates who will make their project a success. From Project Managers to Electricians to Sheetmetal Installers, we have experienced and driven candidates ready to help meet your needs.

We act as an extension of your internal team, dedicated to supporting your labor needs and allowing you to meet and exceed your revenue objectives. Contact us today to find the best candidates for your open positions.

We provide staffing for the following positions:

  • Plumbing
  • HVAC/Air Duct Installers
  • Journeymen Electricians
  • Journeyman Pipefitters
  • Combination Welders
  • Project Managers
  • Superintendents
  • Project Engineers
  • Sheetmetal Installers

Screening, Training, and Matching

Our comprehensive employment recruiting, screening and training practices enable us to find you with the top administrative and the best clerical talent the industry has to offer. Find out how our employment recruiting services can benefit your company and profitability. Contact us today to get started.


Committed to excellence and providing excellent employees to our partners, we have potential candidates undergo a thorough screening process. Our screening ensures we match the best talent with our employment partners.

All candidates must undergo the following:

  • 10-panel drug test
  • Background check
  • Professional reference check
  • Skill assessment


HIRE Strategies has an outstanding reputation for employment recruiting and providing qualified candidates for our employment partners. To ensure our talent is ready for work, everyone undergoes the following training:

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30 (provided to employees hired into a leadership role)
  • Individualized Safety Training
  • Specialized Skill Assessment (specific to available positions)


As a resource for talent, HIRE Strategies offers its partners a finely tuned method for employment recruitment, which includes identifying, recruiting, qualifying and referring candidates whose experience, skills and education meet their criteria. Our goal is to find and retain top performers in your workforce.

To match our talent with your opportunity, our staff becomes a part of your company. We free up your managers’ time, allowing them to focus on moving the business forward.

Safety-Conscious Labor for Skilled Trades

At HIRE Strategies, our philosophy is simple: “We are committed to providing our clients with the most highly skilled and safety conscious labor.” Regulated by OSHA in the US, organizations must follow strict health and safety regulations on all construction and industrial projects to assure employee safety.

Qualified On-Site Safety Coordinators

Safety programs are critical to keeping employees safe, training is kept current, and ensuring your job site is OSHA compliant. If needed we are happy to source and hire a Qualified Safety Coordinator for your site!

Workforce Development

HIRE Strategies holds experience working with municipal offices to provide top skilled talent while advocating for equal employment opportunities and actively fighting the unemployment gap. HIRE Strategies shares the concern in the decreasing employment opportunities in all the communities we serve as we realize the impact it has on any given community. HIRE Strategies has successfully worked with several municipal buildings, schools, universities and commercial officer buildings throughout NC, SC, VA, GA and TN.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with the execution of your project needs.

CCIP Projects

At various times, our clients may participate in projects with Owner Controlled Insurance Plans or Contractor Controlled Insurance Plans (OCIP/CCIP). Our team has successfully been a part of and managed hundreds of these types of projects in the past. In doing so, our team has a proven track record of handling these types of projects. This knowledge includes all aspects from enrollment to reporting.

Davis-Bacon and Related Acts

If our clients engage in projects where Davis-Bacon and Related Acts are a requirement, our knowledgeable and dedicated team will take full responsibility for the compliance of reporting and payment of wages and benefits that are applicable by law. We will also ensure that properly certified payroll is completed accurately and timely for each invoice. The client will be responsible for notifying HIRE Strategies when such requirements apply for these types of projects.

Find skilled tradesmen for your next project.

From high-rise office complexes to hospitals and universities, we’ve got you covered.

Who can we help you find?