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The “Lady with the Pink Hard Hat”

Circa 2008

When our Founder, Sonya Hopson, shifted her staffing focus from manufacturing to the construction industry, she found herself spending a lot of time on construction job sites. While safety has always been a priority for Sonya, wearing a yellow or white hard hat just didn’t feel true to her identity: A wicked-smart, hard-working woman that also took great pride in always looking fabulous.

Then one day a client presented her with a very special gift; one that would become a powerful symbol of our mission. It was a pink hard hat. She fondly became known as “The Lady with the Pink Hard Hat.”

Today, that pink hard hat has become a powerful symbol for both our company mission and philosophy.

Our Mission

To inspire and support sustainable growth through our consultative approach, a diverse network of high-performing talent looking for long-term career growth, and data-backed placements that help ensure that each person’s natural strengths and abilities coupled with their aptitude and experience are aligned with the right position.

Our Philosophy

Placing people in jobs that allow them to be the best versions of their true selves serves both companies and their employees in the highest. When people thrive in their roles, turnover is low and companies flourish. When companies flourish, everyone wins. When everyone wins, the World is a better place.

Our Core Values


We are passionate about our “why” and desire to make an impact. We intentionally seek opportunities to create alignment & partnerships with companies who are also passionate about their “why."


We have a positive mindset. We view our challenges as an opportunity to grow and develop. We seek solutions for a positive outcome.


We constantly seek ways to improve technology, efficiency, and resources to improve our service offerings.


We are working well together, and we have solid relationships & effective communication with our talent, clients, and vendors. We utilize the team’s collective strengths for the good of the company.


We will foster self-awareness and accountability and show initiative and willingness to contribute to the greater good.

Diverse & Inclusive

We represent a diverse and inclusive team, talent pool, and client partnerships. We seek out client partnerships who have a desire and intention to hire a diverse and inclusive team.


We commit to being open, honest, and authentic, creating a culture of organizational transparency.

Our Team


Sonya Hopson

Sonya brings over 20 years of experience in the staffing industry. She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, dancing, and weightlifting. She is grateful for our existing partnerships as well as creating and developing new partnerships. Her ultimate goal is to use her experience and solidified relationships to assist those around her with career opportunities and advancement. As an organization, our focus is always to identify ways to make a positive impact in our community.
Chief Operating Officer

Brian E. Hicks, Sr.

Brian has extensive experience in the HR and Operations realm. In his free time, he enjoys working in his yard, walking trails, listening to Jazz and R&B. He is also a cigar aficionado. Brian has assisted several businesses of various sizes with his HR consulting.
Marketing & Technology Manager

Bryanna Hopson

Bryanna graduated from NC State with a concentration in Marketing and Program Management. Bryanna has improved our brand awareness by 1068% since her transition to HIRE Strategies. Bryanna is well-versed in Sales, Operations, Training & Marketing. Bryanna spends most of her efforts scaling business operations through technology and automation. Bryanna is known for networking, passion, and lighting the room up with sunshine. She is a member of the YPN with the Chamber of Raleigh and its task force. Bryanna enjoys playing with her dogs and nurturing her mind through reading and meditation in her free time.
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Cortney Ollis

Meet Cortney, our Executive Assistant to the CEO! Cortney graduated from NC State with a degree in Public Relations and loves using what she learned within her role as Executive Assistant. She is known for her exceptional communication skills, strong work ethic, and commitment to excellence. Cortney's attention to detail and natural ability to anticipate the needs of others make her an invaluable asset to the team. When she's not busy at work, Cortney enjoys pottery, rock climbing, and film photography. She is excited to be part of a dynamic and innovative team at HIRE Strategies and looks forward to making a positive impact in her role.
Talent Services Specialist

AJ Cataldi

AJ is one of our dedicated Talent Services Specialists. AJ is an Argentian native who is well-versed in recruiting high-quality team members. AJ specializes in the construction industry and is known for his ability to quickly identify high-performing matches for longevity on project sites. You can count on AJ to assist with aligning your passion to your purpose!
Client Services Account Manager

Carla Portella

Carla is one of our dedicated Account Managers. Carla graduated in Communications and worked in journalism and public relations before moving to the sales industry. Carla has spent the last ten years working in sales on Wall Street before moving to NC. In her spare time, Carla enjoys nature and loves photography. You can count on Carla to connect with you; her social skills and warm personality make her the perfect account manager.
Accounting Team Lead

Abigail Garcia

Introducing Abigail, the HIRE Strategies Accounting Team Lead. Abigail's all about embracing the unknown and being spontaneous – she's a total dog lover, often spotted chilling with her two furry pals. Whether it's through exciting outdoor adventures or simply kicking back on the beach, she's all for soaking up the sun. Music is her jam, and she's into all kinds of genres in her free time. And the coolest part? Abigail's all about giving back to the community, showing her love through action.
Finance and Operations Manager

Matt Sheets

Meet Matt, our Accountant at HIRE Strategies! Matt is a graduate of Ohio University with a degree in organization communication. He now lives in Holly Springs with his wife, Michelle, and daughter, Madison. In his free time, he likes to go hiking with his dog Breezy and his hobbies include gardening, painting, and make art with his daughter. Matt worked with us previously and we are so thrilled to have him back. We are so excited to see how you grow in the role and are thrilled to have such an amazing addition to our team.
Talent Services and Operations Manager

Mehreen Chowdhury

Meet Mehreen, our Recruiting Team Lead at HIRE Strategies! Mehreen was born in the UK and raised in Dubai. She has a passion for traveling and has traveled to 18 different countries. She has a Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management, and is currently pursing her MBA at North Carolina State University. She is an avid mental health advocate and enjoys Krav Maga, pickleball and tending to her garden! We are excited to have Mehreen on this team!
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Nina Clayborn

Nina relocated to North Carolina four years ago from the Chicagoland area, her hometown. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Chicago State University and an MBA with a Marketing concentration from Keller Graduate School. Her most cherished and rewarding role is being a mother to my nine-year-old daughter and her three nieces and nephew. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, trying different foods, traveling, spending time with loved ones, and yes, shopping! She is enthusiastic about the opportunity to work at HIRE Strategies and is excited about helping candidates and hiring managers achieve their end goal—filling a role. We are excited to have her apart of this team, and excited to see all that she does!
Marketing Specialist

Reilly Dumproff

Meet Reilly, our Marketing Specialist at HIRE Strategies! Reilly graduated for North Carolina State University with a degree in Communications. During her time at NC State, she held various leadership positions and enjoyed attending football games. Reilly enjoys working out, spending time outdoors, going to the farmers market, and being with her friends and family. A fun fact about Reilly is that she has a twin sister! With strong passion for marketing and social media, Reilly is thrilled to be apart of the HIRE Strategies team. During her career at HIRE Strategies, she will be focusing on creating social media content, managing email campaigns, and writing compelling content. We are truly excited to have her as a part of this team.

Certifications, Affiliates & Awards