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We don’t have to highlight how much things are changing. Everything in our daily and business lives have had to pivot. In accordance with this, the way that interviews are conducted have also shifted. Below, we will cover quick guides on how to rock your remote interview.


This is a very important one. Just because the interview may be conducted from your residence or another quiet location does not mean that the dress requirements has changed. This is still an interview, best practice would call for business professional dress.

Know the Medium Well

You’re going to be using Zoom, Google Hangouts or some other video medium. Take the time to research the medium. Download it, perform a test video call if possible. Know ahead of time what your mic sounds like, how your camera performs. All of these should not be discovered at game day. Remove the stress and control this aspect.

Pick a Quiet Place with Strong Internet Connection

There is an additional consideration than just picking a quiet place. Keep in mind what the background is. Don’t have open cabinets, closets or general disarray. If your computer specifications will allow it, Zoom has virtual backgrounds. Ensure that your selected location is free of distractions, and ensure that your internet or hotspot connection is strong to avoid any lag or issues.

Be on Time

Because of the nature of license and host accounts, connecting to a video call may be disrupt other meetings. The best practice is to be prompt. Connect on time, on the dot. Be quick to reach out to your company contact if there are any issues of connecting or entering the virtual room.

Be Cognizant of your Body Language

This is true for an in-person interview as well, but is markedly more important in a Zoom call since the spotlight will you on you. Be cognizant of your facial expressions, your shoulders. All of these convey messages which we may not intend. Practice being engaged with a slight smile; smile with your eyes. Ensure that your shoulders are not hunched and that your back is straight. Being engaged will have to be a deliberate choice.