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Social Distancing is the key to fight this battle against COVID-19; the experts and the science are irrefutable on this. Wearing masks when interacting with people, frequent washing of hands, and staying 6 feet away from others are all expert recommended steps to mitigate the spread of the virus.

One thing we should be closer to than ever before – is our customer. The follow-up on clients needs to be deliberate and compassionate. Those businesses that remain agile and compassionate during this time are going to be victorious.

Being compassionate in your outreach means understanding the financial considerations of your clients. They may not be able to purchase, or maybe even continue as being an “on the book client”. Whilst this is not ideal, it is realistic. We must be cognizant of this and understanding of our client’s situation.

Along with being compassionate we need to be deliberate in our outreach. One size cannot fit all in these responses. If you have not already been doing it, this is the time to create real and meaningful rapport with your clients. Follow up, meaningfully with clients. Continue conversations in an honest manner. Avoid blanket “we missed you” emails. Those kinds of communications are transparent and are obvious on the client side. This is what is meant by being deliberate.

Take this time to live your company values. Walk the walk. If one of your company values is consistency, then you need to show that the company is consistent. Do not socially distance yourself from your clients during this time.