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During this time of year, we celebrate our nation’s freedom and independence. We would not be a free country without the service and sacrifices made by our brave men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States. Here at Hire Strategies, we honor that service and sacrifice every day. I’m Joseph and I’m one of the job recruiters here. I know firsthand the challenges that come with transitioning from military life to the private sector. So, if you have served our country, let us serve you as you enter this new and exciting phase of your professional career.

Veterans bring valuable skills to the table that can be an asset for any employer. Those who have served understand the importance of respect, integrity, teamwork and discipline. These are all attributes that employers seek out in any candidate. I know for myself, it proved to be useful- the fact that I had worked with so many unique individuals with different creeds, backgrounds and ethnicities. I think I’ve worked with someone from almost all 57 states and territories. Not too many people can say that.

Now more than ever, employers are seeking out people like yourself who have dealt with stressful situations and know how to overcome adversity. Moreover, your training and experiences in the military are both unique and invaluable. Many of those experiences can prove to be relevant for many civilian occupations. It’s important to annotate that in your resume, but make sure to word it in a way that civilians can understand. For example, your hiring manager probably doesn’t know what a FARP is or what an LMTV is. In other words, avoid military jargon at all costs.

Be persistent in your job search. The job market is competitive, especially here in a bustling region like the Triangle. It was frustrating for me initially. As someone who never really had to go through this process before, I had to keep in mind that rejection can and will happen. You may not get an interview for that first job you wanted, but that doesn’t mean you’re not qualified for or on the brink of something better.

When you land an interview, give yourself enough time to prepare for the interview. Seek out good interview techniques and practice beforehand. Remember standing in front of that sergeant major during your promotion board? It’s the same concept, just a lot more informal. Be prepared to talk about your time in the military, but also be prepared to talk about how that makes you an asset to the company! Only a small portion of Americans have ventured into military service and as I mentioned earlier, that sets you apart from others.

Finally, be proud of the fact you served. Now that you’re a Veteran, you’ve entered a new phase of your life but it’s also one that can be just as fulfilling. Be proud of what you did and be confident that your time in the service will translate into a successful career outside of it.

Here at Hire Strategies, we are committed to providing Veterans with the tools they need to be successful. We are proud to work in a state with one of the highest Veteran populations in the country. Our state is home to Fort Bragg, the ‘center of the military universe’, and Camp Lejeune, a major Marine base located by the coast. If you are a Veteran and looking to find a career that will provide you the stability and professional satisfaction that you deserve, we are ready to work with you. Go to hire-strategies.com and learn how our award-winning employment agency can help you land the job of your dreams.

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