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HIRE Strategies is honored to announce our CEO and visionary, Sonya Hopson, has been featured in Forbes.

In the article, Sonya shares the importance of prioritizing diversity and inclusion within the workforce. Sonya’s 20+ years of expertise have allowed her to observe the triumphs and challenges of a lack of diversity within an organization. The current workforce is more different than ever before. The pace of change over the last few years has left many organizations struggling to attract and retain great people. HIRE Strategies’ mission is to match¬†diverse, high-performing talent with organizations that want to grow in meaningful and sustained ways.¬† Sonya states she is “hopeful that with every placement HIRE Strategies makes, someone’s life has been improved for the better. If we make a daily, continuous effort to do just this, imagine how many lives will be impacted as a result,”.

To view the full article, click here.

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