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The Pink Hard Hat Story

Sonya Hopson’s career experience in staffing started in the manufacturing staffing industry. In 2008, her career goals shifted into construction staffing and she found a lot of her time being spent on construction sites. Safety was a priority for Sonya, but she also wanted to look stylish while doing so.

One of her clients helped her come up with a solution that would fit both criteria. From then on, you would not see Sonya at a construction site without her iconic pink hat. She fondly became known as “The Lady with the Pink Hard Hat.”

When starting her own company focusing on job recruitment in construction and manufacturing, Sonya realized the importance of creating a brand for her staff to adhere to. To pay homage to the client that played a vital role in teaching her about the construction industry, she continued the use of the Pink Hard Hat. The Pink Hard Hat has become synonymous with the family atmosphere created by Sonya and her team at HIRE Strategies.

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