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Find a Recruiter Who Understands Your Challenges.

Outsource Your Hiring, Human Resources and Training with Hire Strategies

Recruitment and talent acquisition doesn’t end once you believe you have hired the right people. Finding talented individuals, training them for the job, and making them a part of your business culture is easier said than done. Hence, it’s no surprise that a large number of businesses of all sizes fail to achieve effectiveness when it comes to hiring. Find a recruiter who knows your industry, appreciates your unique challenges and can help you select the right people for your needs.

At Hire Strategies, we help your business leverage on a comprehensive range of services that can change the way you see hiring, resourcing, and training. As a licensed and trusted staffing firm, we are dedicated to providing a host of services to our clients in the construction, administration, and manufacturing sectors. Whether you need to hire labor for contingency employment or want skilled workforce on full-time employment, we can help you meet your operational goals on-time and within budget.

Our Services

As an authorized trainer of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and certified Historically Underutilized Business, we make sure that clients across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are able to leverage on our expertise. Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Staffing & Talent Acquisition
  • Background Screening – Includes Social Media Screening
  • Labor Staffing – Construction, Manufacturing, Administration, Executive,
  • Temp Construction Hiring
  • Skilled & Unskilled Workforce Hiring
  • Controlling Health Care/Benefits Costs
  • OSHA and Construction Safety Training

Hire Strategies is your partner in Raleigh when it comes to staffing and safety training. Our goal is to keep our employees gainfully employed while supporting our business partners successfully complete their commercial and industrial projects. We act as a liaison between the client and the employee, making sure that our clients gain access to trustworthy and hardworking employees.

How We Do It

When you outsource staffing solutions to us, you can rest assured that we will provide you exceptional industry personnel who fit perfectly with your job requirements. Our recruitment and hiring specialists match the right candidates with your opportunity and shortlist candidates that meet your criteria successfully.

We have internally developed a customized employee screening and safety training program to help you maximize workforce productivity from the day that new employees are inducted and lower the risk of workplace injuries which untrained employees are exposed to. As an OSHA authorized trainer, we provide all the selected employees with workplace safety training to protect them from health and safety hazards on the job. We ensure they practice above-board, standard Safety Compliance, and adhere to OSHA specialized policies and procedures.

Find a recruiter who understands your challenges today. Contact us today at (919) 615-3105.

For your peace of mind and satisfaction, we run comprehensive background checks on all employees before they set foot on your property. Each candidate is screened for your protection and goes through an extensive background check and drug-tested before being placed on assignment.

Why Choose Us

With more than 15 years of experience, Hire Strategies is helping the local market improve labor resourcing, safety training, productive hiring, and much more. Our commitment to serving our clients and potential employees has helped us become the most recognized staffing firm in the City of Raleigh. By choosing us as your outsourcing partner, we can help you take advantage of:

  • Advertising – Let us help you acquire the best talent in the market by advertising job openings and vacancies on your behalf.
  • Management – From the time we select potential candidates to the time they join your business, we provide comprehensive management and support in the entire process.
  • Background Checks – Our background screening process is in compliance with state and federal regulations and includes a drug test, social media screening, and criminal background checks.
  • Talent Acquisition – We only hire the best individuals for your business based on our skill level assessment. This helps you get the right people for the job every time!
  • Training – We provide OSHA and individualized safety training to make sure your employees are ready to start working efficiently from the first day of joining.
  • Cost Saving – Reduce recruitment, labor, and operational costs and optimize your workflow by choosing us as your partners!

Customized Staffing Model

At Hire Strategies, we realize that each client has unique and specific needs to address and goals to achieve. This is why we encourage thorough consultation to help you discover how your business can transform with us.

Contact us today for a free consultation at (919)-615-3105 or by using the contact form below:

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