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We are no strangers in understanding how 2020 has changed our workforce and the norm of our workplace environment. With over a 30% increase in work from home positions, HIRE Strategies has created an adaptable work from home placement solution. While this is a major change for many of our workplace operations, HIRE Strategies prides itself in knowing that we can now impact the lives of those who are not physically in our local region. Our quick innovation has allowed us to create a system for screening, hiring, and identifying qualified candidates all from home. Rest assured that while our method has changed, our quality remains consistent.

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Work from home employers:

Understanding the needs of your company and the expectations you have, HIRE Strategies is confident that we can identify a qualified candidate who can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. HIRE Strategies has developed a system that allows for screening, hiring, and matching qualified candidates to virtual positions. HIRE Strategies understands the need for virtual positions to mirror the expectations as if they were in office and have a proven track record of success. Contact us today to learn how we can use our pool of qualified candidates to satisfy your virtual position requirement without the hassle.

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Work from home positions:

HIRE Strategies empathizes with those who have experienced challenges navigating an ever-changing workforce. With the new demands of homeschooling, shared responsibilities, and stress at an all-time high, HIRE Strategies understands that locating a position with flexibility and empathy is a vital component. Our catalog of work from home positions are selected to keep these factors in mind while meeting the needs and expectations of both yourself and your employer. HIRE Strategies has a range of benefits that are included with virtual positions and offers opportunities for direct-hire placements. Contact us today for more information on how HIRE Strategies can aid you in finding a work from home position.

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