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In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent requires thinking beyond traditional benefits. To stand out as an employer of choice, it’s time to embrace the power of unique perks that capture the imagination and create a workplace where employees thrive.

Flexible Hours and Remote Options

Flexible Hours and Remote Options

According to a study from Stanford remote work options have increased fourfold since the pandemic!

Employers not offering remote or flexible work options are less likely to attract top talent in comparison to those who do. Allowing employees to set their own hours within a set time frame allows employees with other obligations to create a schedule that works for them and reduces strain on the employee. There is also data that indicates that remote work can lead to increased productivity in employees, which increases profits for the business. So if you’re not offering a remote option, it’s time to consider it.

You can check out more information on the benefits of working from home in our article “Is WFH the Future for Up and Coming Companies.”

Wellness Stipends and Other Unique Health Benefits

While many jobs offer generous health benefits, one unique benefit that can set you apart is a wellness stipend. This means a set amount per year for employees to use on things to improve their mental or physical wellness, this can be a gym membership, massage, meditation retreat, or other wellness activities.

Another unique benefit being offered is helping employees with IVF or adoption efforts. These effort sshow a dedication to employees’ holistic well-being.

Why Unlimited PTO is the way to go!

A recent MetLife study found that unlimited paid time off is the #1 most valued emerging employee benefit and 50% of workers preferred unlimited PTO to a higher salary.

While this seems impossible to implement, this benefit allows employees to take time off without stressing about running out of time down the road. On average employees with unlimited PTO take 13 days off time off in comparison to the standard 15 days.

Another form of time off employers are implementing is volunteer time off, which allows employees a set amount of time off to dedicate to serving their community. This fosters a culture of philanthropy and service in an organization.

How having dogs at work fetches success!

Meet Pooh & Charlie!

These are just two of the dogs that hang out here at HIRE Strategies. Our employees think that having pets around the workplace makes work more fun. And it’s proven that playing with a pet increases dopamine and serotonin!

Employers are also incorporating benefits to attract parents or parents-to-be. They are doing this by offering childcare stipends, as well as generous paid parental leave. Childcare is a major expense in the U.S. so offering a way to offset this is a sure way to set your business apart as a top employer.

To attract and retain top talent, businesses must think beyond traditional benefits and embrace unique perks that resonate with employees’ needs and aspirations. From flexible work arrangements and wellness stipends to pet and parent-friendly policies, these creative benefits create a supportive and engaging work environment. By offering innovative benefits, businesses can position themselves as desirable employers of choice, attracting top talent and fostering a culture of employee satisfaction and success.

If your business is struggling to attract and retain top talent, it’s time to reach out to HIRE Strategies. You can call us at 919-615-3105 or check out our employers page at: https://hire-strategies.com/for-employers/