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Hire Intentionally.

Intentional hiring isn’t just about matching experience and skills to job requirements. It’s about evaluating the whole person.

Retain Exceptionally.

We’ve seen from numerous case studies that when job placements are made based on the consideration of the whole person, employees are more likely to thrive in their role and to think more like an engaged stakeholder in the business. Employees that are happy and fulfilled in their jobs are more likely to stick around, thereby reducing turnover for the business.

woman reviewing a resume during an interview

Good companies know that a great hire goes well beyond having the skills required for the role — building a sustainable, resilient workforce requires values alignment, and the soft skills needed for employees to thrive and grow.

Administrative & Clerical

Finance & Accounting


Executive Placements

Commercial Construction

Human Resources

Direct HIRE

Temp to HIRE placements

(Minimum of 1 month required)

Background Checking

10 Panel Drug Screen

Skill Assessments (if desired)

Reference Checks & Vetting

Workers Compensation Insurance

Unemployment Insurance

Payroll Services

Professional Development

Working Genius Consulting

Predictive Index Consulting

HR Consulting

Unemployment for Candidate (if needed)

Don’t just find talent.

Find people who will make a difference in your organization.

Who can we help you find?