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Take a look at any of the recent headlines about the Raleigh/Durham metro and you’ll see our region continues to top various lists of the best place to start a business, land a new tech job, enjoy a quality of life, etc. The accolades go on and on. With that comes a continuous influx of people moving here to get a piece of our pie. We are the cool kids among American cities. In addition to typical growing pains like increased traffic and higher real estate prices, the Raleigh-Durham region doesn’t just have a tight job market, it has a massively competitive one with the unemployment rate in Wake County hovering around 3.4%, below the state and national averages. Then, add summer to our cool kid moniker and you end up with serious challenges for employers.

For some companies, the vacation season also means losing their regular workforce for extended times and a general decrease in productivity. Personally, I see the summer as a chance to help my clients at Hire Strategies beat the heat by connecting them with some of the best talent around.  As you might expect, requests for skilled tradesman pour in as many of our partners specialize in school and university construction projects. Fortunately, we have long-standing relationships already built with various firms so candidates have more resources to find a position that suits them.  We also advocate on their behalf directly to the hiring manager so they land an opportunity that’s a win-win for both sides. To fill these openings, we hire additional recruiters at our own agency, work our deep referral network and get out into the community. You’ll often find one of my colleagues visiting trade schools to scout recent graduates who could become one of our client’s next hires.

We realize not everyone has partnered with a staffing agency to support their talent needs. And recruiting nowadays has evolved considerably.  Sourcing talent through an agency like ours doesn’t just fill a position quickly, it’s a mutually beneficial investment for both the candidate and employer. We offer companies the chance to see somebody work before committing long-term. Instead of spending time and money on candidate profiling and job board posting, we act as a matchmaker for our clients, screening candidates to find the best person that has the right skill set and fits the company culture.

For candidates, this season opens up a plethora of positions in various fields, giving someone an option to dip their toes into virtually any industry they’re considering. And we support them every step of the way with coaching on their resumes, professional appearance, interview etiquette and safety training for skilled labor. It’s a holistic approach because we’re all about building futures together.

I couldn’t be more excited to see this great region continue to thrive and I’m so proud to play a part in supporting that growth. I hope everyone is able to get their grill going, get those swimming trunks on and have a blast this summer. If finding your next great employee or opportunity is also on that list, give me a call. We’re ready to help you succeed.

~ Sonya Hopson, CEO
Hire Strategies


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