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As an employer, finding the right talent to fill open positions can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, with the help of a staffing agency like HIRE Strategies, the process becomes much more manageable. Here are some of the benefits of working with HIRE Strategies to find your next top-quality candidate:


At HIRE Strategies, we believe that the recruitment process should be efficient and effective, that’s why we offer a wide range of benefits to our clients, including thorough background and reference checks, 10-panel drug screening, skill assessments, payroll services, working genius & predictive index consulting, pre-employment assessments, employee onboarding services, and more. This is to ensure that you are hiring a candidate that not only has the right qualifications and skills but also directly aligns with the culture and values of your organization.

Cost Effective

Did you know it costs $500 a day to hire internally? Working with a staffing agency like HIRE Strategies can save employers a significant amount of money when trying to hire employees. We handle the recruitment process from start to finish, including advertising job openings, screening resumes, and conducting interviews. This allows employers to focus on their core business operations instead of spending that time and money on recruitment tasks.

Qualified Diverse Talent

At HIRE Strategies, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse pool of candidates, including individuals from underrepresented groups. This not only ensures that you find the right fit for your organization, but it also helps to foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Did you know that according to a 2017 study, companies with below average diversity scores reported 19% less innovation revenue than companies with above average diversity scores? (2017).


At HIRE Strategies, we understand that every employer has unique staffing needs. That’s why we offer a variety of staffing solutions to fit those needs. Our offerings include temporary, temp-to-perm, and direct-hire options, giving employers the flexibility to choose the right solution for their specific situation. Whether you’re looking to fill a short-term or long-term position, we have the resources and expertise to help you find the perfect fit for your organization.


HIRE Strategies has a team of experienced recruiters who are experts in their field. They know what to look for in a candidate and how to match them with the right employer. This level of expertise ensures that our clients get the best candidates for their open positions. Find your next top-notch employee with HIRE Strategies!

Give us a call at 919-615-3105 to get started on your hiring journey with HIRE Strategies today! Let us help you HIRE.