Staffing Solutions for a Complex Industry

The manufacturing industry comes with its own set of challenges. From managing warehouses and assembly lines to inventory management and quality control, coping with this fast-paced environment and ensuring the systematic flow of processes without any delay or disruption requires a strong and an adequate workforce with special skill-set and safety training.

At Hire Strategies, we understand the challenges and staffing needs of employers in the manufacturing industry. Through our exceptional background screening and drug testing process coupled with our OSHA safety training program, we help you find qualified and skilled workers who are ready to hit the ground running upon job placement.

We provide you with staffing solutions for manufacturing tradesman in warehouses, for assembly lines, pick/pack and logistics.

We provide staffing for the following positions:

  • Warehouse
  • Assembly Line
  • Pick/Pack
  • Logistics

Our comprehensive screening and training practices enable us to find you with the top administrative and the best clerical talent the industry has to offer.


Committed to excellence and providing excellent employees to our partners, we have potential candidates undergo a thorough screening process. Our screening ensures we match the best talent with our employment partners.

All candidates must undergo the following:

  • 10-panel drug test
  • Background check
  • Professional reference check
  • Skill assessment


Hire Strategies has an outstanding reputation for providing qualified candidates for our employment partners. To ensure our talent is ready for work, everyone undergoes the following training.

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30 (provided to employees hired into a leadership role)
  • Individualized Safety Training
  • Specialized Skill Assessment (specific to available positions)


As a resource for talent, Hire Strategies offers its partners a finely tuned method for identifying, recruiting, qualifying and referring candidates whose experience, skills and education meet their criteria. Our goal is to find and retain top performers in your workforce.

To match our talent with your opportunity, our staff becomes a part of your company. We free managers time, allowing them to focus on moving the business forward.

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